By Julian Wong Dec.2.2008
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Happy First Birthday!

It was 366 days ago (yes 2008 was a leap year, and what a Green Leap year it has been!) that this blog was born.  But as Cityweekend Beijing says in its green issue last week:

To call the green roundup on [The] Green Leap Forward ‘blogging’ is to ignore the depth and seriousness of Julian’s reporting, which borders more on market research and policy analysis.

Over the past 62 blog posts, the first year of this blog has centered a lot on clean tech market news, mixed in with the occasional company profile, review of energy and climate change policy developments, as well as a lot of reflections on various energy conferences that I have attended.  There will certainly be more of that going forward, but most of the discussion thus far has centered around urban energy solutions and talking what was and what is instead of what should be.

But for the upcoming year, GLF will try some new things as well, such as mending the disconnect between people and nature by exploring energy and climate solutions rooted in natural systems; and by challenging the assumptions built into how society functions, assumptions that work at cross-purposes at building a more sustainable civilization.  In other words, GLF will get more ecological and more philosophical.

But that’s tomorrow.  Today, I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has made this GLF project possible–to the late Senator Fulbright for sponsoring the program that sent me to China in the first place, to all the readers  (including fellow green China bloggers) for their support, comments and debates, and  most of all to my family for making me “the eco-blogger that I am” and more so for tolerating the late nights I’ve been spending with my laptop!

But this is just the beginning! Stay tuned.

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  1. Christine Dec.2.2008@4:00 pm Reply

    happy birthday GLF! what remarkable first steps you have made at such a young age!

  2. Lisa Dec.2.2008@4:02 pm Reply

    Happy birthday GLF! Here’s wishing you many more leaps forward!

  3. Charlie Dec.2.2008@4:11 pm Reply

    Julian: Happy Birthday to GLF! I’ve enjoyed every post over the last year, and I’m really looking forward to your “new things.” Here’s wishing you a very successful Year 2.

  4. Alex Dec.2.2008@9:05 pm Reply

    Keep up the good work, Julian!

  5. Hazel Dec.2.2008@10:38 pm Reply

    Happy Birthday GLF! Am looking forward to reading more of your work in many more years to come :)

  6. Terence Seah Dec.2.2008@11:54 pm Reply

    One year is indeed a milestone. Leap forward to more good years!

  7. raymond rui Dec.3.2008@10:04 am Reply

    Happy B-day , move on and a bigger leap forward, leap forwad ‘s chinese is 大跃进,which is a very interesting word with stories and history and various of explanation, i really like the name:)

  8. Eugene Dec.3.2008@10:04 am Reply

    Happy Birthday and keep up the good work!

  9. xi Dec.3.2008@10:56 am Reply

    Happy birthday to GLF! Salute the commander!:)

  10. Debbie Dec.3.2008@4:24 pm Reply

    Happy Birthday! Keep on blogging and keep it green!

  11. Paul Dec.4.2008@5:15 am Reply

    Hey Julian,
    Congrats on the 1-year anniversary! You are doing great work, for China and the world!

  12. Mollie Dec.5.2008@4:38 am Reply

    A tip of my hat to you, Julian! Good luck with the future of GLF, it sounds like you finding a sponsor to keep it going, way to go.

  13. Dan Dec.11.2008@2:58 pm Reply

    Happy B-day. Keep up the great work.

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