By Julian Wong Dec.2.2009
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Happy Second Birthday!

Today marks the second anniversary of The Green Leap Forward.

Its been a real honor to bring news and analysis on China’s energy and environmental situation to the English-speaking world.  GLF’s second year saw 65 new posts, roughly the same as the first (62) despite two major geographical relocations (Beijing -> Singapore -> Washington, D.C.) on my part, coupled with starting a new full-time job that really ate into my blogging time.

Of course I’ve doubled up on some of my work-products for blog posts, so in a sense, I’ve “cheated” some.  An increase in posts by guest bloggers also helped fill the gap.  GLF also benefited this past year from technology, with a new revamped RSS feed, twitter account (@greenleapfwd), Facebook fan page, and Linkedin group page. The latter half of the second year also saw a noticeable shift to US-China dynamics in clean energy and climate change, reflecting the nature of my day job, but also a fundamental shift in US-China relations, with clean energy and climate change featuring prominently in that metamorphosis.

What’s ahead for GLF?  I’m going to try to start ramping up the frequency of my posts, but am hesitant to promise anything, especially with that thing called Copenhagen to start in less than a week!  While GLF will continue to cover developments in Chinese energy policy and commerce, I hope to write more posts on water and the water-energy nexus as well.  I will also experiment more with shorter punchier posts (although its often hard for me to refrain from in-depth 3,000 word exposes) and to revive the popular Green Hops news compilations.

I will take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this possible, including my news sources, contacts on the ground in China who continue to feed me with insight, guest bloggers for adding to the diversity of perspectives, and most of all, my (growing!) family, who has tolerated geographical dislocations and my late nights on the lap top, and to whom I dedicate the next year of posts to.

Finally, I leave readers, as a  “door gift”, with an this wild-looking design of “urban forest skyscraper” for China (hat-tip: Novella!).  While the name of the group that designed this–MAD Architects–suggests this is a crazy idea.  I think this approaches some the concepts of edible landscapes and eco-infrastructure that I blogged about earlier this year (“Eco Infrastructure: Letting Nature do the Work“).  Till next time!

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