Radio Interview on China balancing both shades of Green

I was on Worldfocus radio last night with Rashid Kang of Greenpeace China for a general discussion moderated by Martin Savidge on China’s ambitions to green its economy (the other shade of green).  Listen here:

Rashid and I explored the following issues:

  • how China is greening rapidly and developing many alternative energy programs — from the world’s most efficient coal power plants to vast wind power fields and solar water heating technology
  • implications of China’s growing automobile market
  • why nuclear power could be the wrong alternative energy solution for China
  • how food security affects China’s alternative energy strategy
  • what is potentially, as I called it, “the holy grail of renewables” — energy storage
  • and, why there are no climate change skeptics in China, but why China can’t go green overnight

Lesson to budding radio interviewees…always be cognizant of when you put your telephone on mute.  Notice the awkward pause at 30’38?  Yup.  I believe I was busy formatting “China in Copenhagen Day 4: Back to BASICs!” for publication immediately before being asked that final question and didn’t want the chatter of my keyboard to come through the phone!

But all in all an enjoyable half hour.  Thanks for the good conversation Martin and Rashid!

Comments and feedback most welcomed!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Lisa Biagiotti Dec.15.2009@9:55 pm Reply

    Hi Julian: Many thanks for joining us on Worldfocus Radio. It was such a thought-provoking and interesting conversation. We’re looking forward to having you on air or online again soon! All the best, Lisa Biagiotti /

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