By Julian Wong Feb.11.2010
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China's Lead on Green Energy Technology: My Interview on Minnesota Public Radio

Earlier this week I appeared on Minnesota Public Radio with Georgetown University’s Joanna Lewis for 45 minutes of conversation on how China is taking the clean energy challenge by its neck and running with it.  Here’s the full audio to the discussion:

The show was clearly motivated by the recent Energy, with national targets for each renewable energy technology type for 2010 and 2020, being a case-in-point.  Such national targets send clear signals to the market that the government is committed to this new low-carbon industry for the long haul, thus stimulating private and provincial investment.

This discussion dove tails nicely with a presentation I made at RETECH 2010 last Thursday (Feb 4) in Washington D.C–that China is adopting comprehensive clean energy policy, not just in manufacturing, as we’ve all come to understand as China’s strength in the clean energy technology sector, but also in clean tech innovation and deployment.  I’ll post the outline to my presentation at RETECH in a separate post (tomorrow, when I’m finally back in the office  after being locked at home dealing with the D.C area’s biggest snow storm in history).

Stay tuned!

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