By Julian Wong Feb.13.2010
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A Take on China's Comprehensive Approach to Developing a Clean Energy Economy - Remarks at RETECH 2010

Last week, at the on my promise in my last blog post to put up merely an outline of my remarks:

Julian L. Wong RETECH 2010 Presentation from Julian L. Wong on Vimeo.

This speech in fact serves as a preview of an upcoming report by my colleagues and I that takes this three pillar approach to analyze the clean energy policies of Germany, Spain and China, and makes the case that these countries are taking a comprehensive approach towards developing their clean energy industries, whereas all the United States has is a series of patchy and heterogeneous state action (e.g. state renewable energy standards) or federal action that is limited in duration (e.g. short-term renewable energy tax credits, or one-time green stimulus spending).  Its a wake-up call to the United States, really.  And while this is a rather U.S.-centric perspective, the fact of the matter is, in the context of getting a global climate deal done, the chances of the rest of the world stepping up their commitments is greatly enhanced if the United States gets its act together first.  Watch for the report!

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  1. Mao Ruiqi Feb.14.2010@10:10 am Reply

    First, never apologize for not having a powerpoint presentation! I am so tired of PPP masquerading for preparation. Second, thank you for posting your speech, job well done.

  2. Chris Brown Feb.27.2010@12:09 pm Reply

    very useful framework for discussing China’s clean energy policy. Keep up the good work, Julian!

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