By Julian Wong Dec.31.2012
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Green Leap Forward 2.0

After that grand return, its time to sink our teeth into the substance of the next chapter of the Green Leap Forward.  Following a two and a half year hiatus and shortly after celebrating GLF’s 5th Anniversary earlier this month, we resume our watch on China and all the ways it is succeeding and failing at creating a more sustainable future.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes...

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes…

In this reincarnation, GLF will do things slightly differently from its first five years.

  • We’ll cover more than just sustainability – the Chinese government has to juggle competing priorities, and how China fairs in providing economic welfare and ensuring social stability will influence how much resources to channel towards sustainability (although how China fairs in promoting sustainability will surely affect how it fairs economically and socially as well). Furthermore, international relations, both political and economic, will shape how China manages its natural resources, and vice versa.  In short, a systems thinking approach will be employed to understand the political economy of sustainability in China.
  • We’ll cover more than just China – sustainability is poorly understood.  Here at GLF, we’ll lay down some universal principles of sustainability along the way, and apply them real life examples in China and other places.
  • We’ll cover more than just energy and climate.  When we speak of sustainability, energy is just one of four pillars in the emerging food-water-energy-waste nexus.  Here at GLF, we’ll seek a more balanced treatment of all four nexi.
  • We’ll avoid the trap of simply talking about supply-side problems and solutions as many energy and environmental analysts do, but delve into the demand-side of the sustainability equation by discussing supply chains and consumption.
  • We’ll continue to cover what China is doing to go green, but increase our coverage of why and how it is doing so.
  • We’ll use more multi-media and variety in formats – more video, more infographics, more interviews, and have debates, book reviews and cartoons.
  • We’ll showcase different perspectives – more guest bloggers and, for the first time, featured contributors.

In addition to this blog, we’ll continue to be active on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo, so follow us in the two-dot-oh medium of your choice!

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  1. Vance Dec.31.2012@4:43 pm Reply

    Congrats and welcome back! Setting lofty goals for yourself for the new year; I like it! Looking forward to reading.

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