About the Green Leap Forward

The Green Leap Forward is a blog on sustainability and China’s energy economy that started in 2007.

The name of the blog is a play on the phrase “Great Leap Forward,” which was an economic and social plan used from 1958 to 1960 which aimed to use China’s vast population to rapidly transform mainland China from a primarily agrarian economy dominated by peasant farmers into a modern, industrialized communist society. It is now widely seen, both within and outside of China, as an major human, economic and environmental disaster.

By contrast, the Green Leap Forward, is a term that symbolizes an emerging movement that results from the convergence of smart policy, sustainable finance and green design and technologies and that has the promise of steering China’s red-hot economy onto a more ecologically and socially sustainable path. Unlike its predecessor, the Green Leap Forward is as much a bottom-up revolution as it is a top-down one and in this age of increasing global interconnectedness, is a movement that will have an impact beyond its borders.  Whether the Green Leap Forward is a myth or reality is precisely the inquiry that this blog seeks to explore and answer.

Last updated December 2012

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Discuss, be nice!