About the Beijing Energy Network

The Beijing Energy Network (BEN or 北京能源网络) is a grassroots organization based in Beijing with a mission of promoting networking and collaboration in understanding and tackling China’s energy and environmental challenges among individuals and organizations from diverse sectors such as government, finance, industry, media, advocacy, think tanks and academia.  BEN was founded by Julian Wong in collaboration with Brendan Acord, Matt Durnin and Jason Lee.

The flagship activity of BEN is the Beijing Energy & Environment Roundtable (BEER or 北耳), a twice-monthly happy hour / speaker series.  A listing of our past and future events are below.  The BEER initiative was recently featured in a story by China Daily and subsequently introduced on this blog.

We invite you to join BEN to get event updates and participate in online discussions by registering on our website.


Past BEER Events:


July 12 “发展未来能源技术:中美合作是答案吗?(Developing Energy Technologies for the Future: Are U.S.-China Partnerships the Answer?),” a BEN-MIT collaborative, panel consisting of Chivas Lam, Qiming Ventures; Mark Levine, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs; Sebastian Myer, Azure International; moderated by Professor Ed Steinfeld, MIT.

July 6: “Understanding the Policy and Market Conditions Shaping Waste Management in China,” by Elizabeth Balkan, U.S. Fulbright Fellow in China

June 29: “Solutions for Taking on Transportation-Related GHG Emissions,” by Robert Earley, Clean Transportation Program Director at the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (iCET)

June 13: “Taiwan’s Sustainable Energy Policy” by Benjamin Fox, U.S. Fulbright Fellow, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

May 26: “Evolving carbon prices in an uncertain world: the case for cooperation but not too much” by Alan Lee, Climate Change Policy Analyst.

May 18: “Environmental Governance and Law Collaboration in China: Lessons from Six Years in the Trenches” by Alex Wang, Natural Resources Defense Council, Senior Attorney and Director of China Environmental Law and Governance Project

Apr 27: “Beijing’s Vision for the Future of Wind in China” by Tom Pellman, Policy Advisor, Vestas China

Apr 13: “Job Creation with Renewable Energy Development in China” by Stephanie Jensen-Cormier

Apr 6: “Global Choke Point: Confronting Energy Demand and Water Scarcity in China and the United States” by J. Carl Ganter & Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue

Mar 30: “Grid-Connected Energy Storage to Scale in China”  by Edmind Liu, Prudent Energy and China Energy Storage Alliance

Mar 16: “Displacing Oil with Electrons: Better Place’s effort to Mass-Commercialize Electric Cars in China and Abroad,” by Quin Garcia, Automotive Alliances/Better Place

Mar 2: The Changing Nature of Irrigation Provision in Northern China: Village-level Evidence from Northern China, by Christine Boyle, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Jan 26: 中国的风电业务:一个投资者的观点 (The Wind Business in China: An Investor’s View of The World’s Leading Wind Market), by Brendan Accord, Project Manager, AES Corp. (Beijing).


Dec 8: “Renewable Energy Policies – Global Trends, China Leadership, and Security vs. Climate Rationales” by Eric Martinot, Tsinghua University.

Nov 24: “BEN Debate Night 2.0 on Chinese Clean Energy Subsidies” with Alan Searl, Arthur Kroeber, Aaron Back, Ran Ran, Marco Andreozzi, and Daniel Enking.

Nov 3: “Geoengineering, Sea Level, China (地球工程,海平面,以及中国),” by Dr. John Moore, Chief Scientist, College of Global Change and Earth System Science, Beijing Normal University.

Oct 20: “China’s State Owned Enterprises in the Greentech Market: Perspectives from Three Sectors,” Julien Bedin (Water Research Analyst), Claire Nelson (Renewable Energy Research Analyst), Rachel Xiao (Electric Grid Infrastructure Analyst), all from China Greentech Initiative

Sep 22: “Century of the Green Pacific: China-California Cooperation (绿色太平洋的世纪:中国加州合作)”, Linden Ellis, China Dialogue; and Bruce Ho, Natural Resources Defense Council.

Sep 8: “Offshore Wind in China – Blue Ocean Dreams, and Brown Water Realities” by Justin Wu (吴敬), Lead Asia Wind Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Sep 1: “Low Carbon City Initiative-WWF’s Concept and Practices” by Lei Hongpeng, Senior Programme Officer, Climate and Energy, WWF China

Aug 18: “The Power of Scenario Planning in the Energy Industry: China’s Energy Intensity as an Example,” by Zhou Xizhou, Associate Director, IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates

July 21: “Can we–should we–make environmental journalism sexy?” by Jonathan Watts, journalist at the Guardian and author of When A Billion Chinese Jump

July 15: An Evening with ChinaFAQs, with Jennifer Morgan, Christina Deconcini and Paul Joffe of ChinaFAQs.

Jun 30: “Greening the Energy Value Chain Across Borders: The Role of China,” a panel discussion with Barbara Finamore (NRDC), Kelly Sims Gallagher (Tufts University), and Andrew Aldridge (Climate Change Capital), moderated by Zhou Xizhou (IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates)

Jun 15: “无法衡量无法管理:测量中国环境绩效的各种方法 (You Can’t Manage what you Can’t Measure: Approaches to Measuring Environmental Performance in China)” by Angel Hsu, PhD Candidate, Yale University

Jun 2: “经济、政治以及石油市场:从内行角度看中国石油消耗、交易和价格问题 (Economics, politics, and oil markets: an insider’s view of China’s petroleum consumption, trade, and pricing)” by Kate Rosow, Analyst, Argus Media

May 27: “一名监管官员眼中的中国与美国的清洁能源战略(A Regulator’s Perspective on Chinese and US Clean Energy Strategies)” by Chairman John Wellinghoff, United States Federal Electricity Regulatory Commission

May 5: “关于在中国和 美国部署CCS的社会政治背景 (The Socio-Political Context for Deploying CCS in China and the U.S.)” by Dr. Elizabeth Wilson, University of Minnesota

April 21: 碳在中国的未来 (The Future of Carbon in China)” by John Romankiewicz, New Energy Finance, providing an overview on the demand projection for offsets from Chinese emissions reduction projects and look at the current outlook for CDM and disucssing  the potential of domestic markets for credits (carbon and otherwise) based on China’s NAMA action.  Presentation slides here.

April 7: “Clean Energy Innovation in China:  A Foreign Business Perspective,” with Mark Pinto, CTO of Applied Materials; Michael Christiansen, President of Novazymes China; and River Lu, China Relations Director of Duke Energy.

Mar 24: “Debate Night (争论夜晚2010)–Motion: Given its current state of development, China has taken sufficient steps to mitigate climate change” with Mark Levine, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs & Debbie Seligsohn, World Resources Insitute vs. Even Rogers Pay, Energy Foundation & Huang He, Sino-Danish Programme on Renewable Energy.

Mar 3: 城市交通及气候变化:世界银行在中国 (Urban Transport and Climate Change … The World Bank in China)” by Dr. Shomik Mehndiratta, Senior Transport Specialist, East Asia and Pacific Region
The World Bank.

Feb 3:” 政策包作为中国环境保护的解决方案 (Integrated Policy: An Approach to China’s Conservation Challenges)” by Doug Whitehead, Communications Officer, Global Environmental Institute.

Jan 20: “进度报告:评价中国的”十一五”节能减排成绩和机会 (Progress Report: Assessing China’s energy-saving and emissions-reduction accomplishments and opportunities during the 11th Five-Year Plan)” by Dr. Mark Levine,Senior Staff Scientist, Group Leader and Founder of China Energy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, United States.  Presentation slides here.

Jan 6: “地下解决方案:碳捕获储存与地热能的地质学解释以及在中国的发展潜力 (Underground Solutions: An explanation to the geology underlying both Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Geothermal Energy and China’s prospects for each)”, by Logan West, Logan West, Researcher, Tsinghua University-BP Center for Clean Energy Research and Education


Dec 16: Video Night!  Over 20 short videos, a total 40 minutes show, on energy and environment crisis, clean technologies and solutions, and calls for action.

Nov 24: “中国在气候变化谈判中的立场与中国低碳发展道路 (China’s Position in Climate Change Negotiation and China’s Low Carbon Development Path),” by Dr. Yang Fuqiang, Director, Global Climate Change Solutions, WWF International.

Oct 28: “替代能源在中国农村的应用现实中遇到的挑战与机遇 Alternative Energy in Rural China: On-the-Ground Look at Its Challenges and Opportunities”, by Michael Davidson, Fulbright Scholar, BP-Tsinghua Clean Energy Research & Education Centre. Michael Davidson recounts his renewable energy adventures in Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, Yunnan and most recently, Gansu.

Oct 14: “如果你无法衡量它,你就不能管理它 (If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It: The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and its applications to corporations and supply chains in China)”, RP Song, World Resources Institute.

Sep 16: “减少煤炭污染–在中国 (Campaigning Against Coal in China)”, by Ailun Yang, Campaign Manager for Climate and Energy, Greenpeace China.

Sep 3: Christina Larson, Environmental Journalist

Aug 5: “”天津排放权交易所与中国未来的排放市场 (The Tianjin Climate Exchange and the Future of Emissions Markets in China)” by Jeff Huang, Vice President, Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and Assistant Chairman, Tianjin Climate Exchange.

July 22: “美国联邦政府的气候变化政策:历史,目前状况与将来的道路 (U.S. Federal Climate Policy: Where are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?)” by Josh Bushinsky, JD Candidate, University of Chicago School of Law.

July 8: “大脚’ 革命:可持续未来的城市规划与景观建筑 (The Big Foot Revolution: Urban Design and Landscape Architecture for a Sustainable Future)” by Dr. Yu Kongjian, professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Peking University.

June 17: “排放指标交易在中国:一种“跨越”的做法? (Emissions Trading in China: A ‘Leapfrog’ Approach?)” by Roger Raufer, Professional Engineer, Consultant, United Nations Division for Sustainable Development; Lecturer, Environmental Policy, University of Pennsylvania.  In his presentation, Roger proposes a very different type of emissions trading program for China that has component parts that address near-term public health concerns; non-compliance problems; and an emissions market structure, designed with China’s unique environmental needs in mind.  Such an approach would ‘leapfrog’ over existing systems used in the U.S. and Europe.  It would also lay the groundwork for the eventual pricing of CO2 and other greenhouse gases within the country.  Based on presenter’s article, abstract here.

June 3: “中国的危废去哪儿了? 一次基于流言的调查 (Where does China’s Toxic Waste Really go? Following the Rumors with an Investigative Reporter)” by 邹曦 (Zou Xi), 北京科技报记者 (Journalist, Beijing Science and Technology Report).  Zou Xi told the story of how she and her colleagues started an investigation following the trail of Beijing’s toxic waste, and what this trail has shown them about the state of environmental enforcement in China.  Based on this article by the presenter.

May 20: “Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Local and Regional Environmental Governance in China” by Scott Moore, Fulbright Scholar at Peking University.  A common refrain is that many of China’s environmental ills result from poor local enforcement and implementation of the country’s environmental regulations and policies. In his presentation Scott discussed at one attempt to strengthen central control of environmental enforcement, the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s Regional Supervision Centers (区域督查中心), and argued that China should give regional authorities more authority to make and implement policy, rather than less.

May 5: “避免高排社会:中国能否实现低二氧化碳排放的发展道路 (Averting Carbon Lock-in: Can China Still Undertake a Low Carbon Development Path?)” by Dr. Tao Wang, Core Research Fellow, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research; Research Fellow, Sussex Energy Group, SPRU, University of Sussex.  Dr. Wang discussed his research on accounting for emissions in China’s international trade, along with the promise of China undertaking a low carbon development strategy, including the findings of the just released Tyndall Center report “China’s Energy Transition: Pathways for Low Carbon Development” which was presented in Beijing during his trip.

Arpil 22:”见证谈判:一个观察员对气候变化谈判的看法 (At the Negotiating Table: An Observer’s View of the Global Climate Negotiations)” by Claire Stockwell
Gordon Global Fellow and International Climate Change Negotiation Observer, Treaty Law Consultant and Adviser to Greenpeace International.  Claire provided a short description of the history of the global climate negotiations, following the current round of talk’s progression from the beginnings in Montreal, through to the breakthrough in Bali last year. She then provided a re-cap of her recent trip to the Bonn round of talks, and some views of how the next eight months will play out looking ahead to Copenhagen.

April 8: “1.5亿多辆:控制中国汽车对环境影响的挑战 (150 Million and Counting: Challenges of Controlling the Environmental Impacts of China’s Motor Vehicles)” by David Vance Wagner, International Policy Adviser, Vehicle Emissions Control Center, Ministry of Environmental Protection, People’s Republic of China.  Presentation slides on David’s blog available here.

March 19: “”劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室中国能源部门:推进中美能源效率合作” (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s China Energy Group: Innovation
in US-China Cooperation on Energy Efficiency), by Lynn Price and Zhou Nan, both of LBNL.  See this post on a backgrounder on the Top-1000 program in which LBNL played a key role in creating.

March 4: “风冷却因素:讨论中国风电发展面对的挑战与机会 (Wind Chill Factors: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Wind Energy in China),” panel discussion by Andrew Hilton (Vestas – Director of Strategic Communications and Branding), Pan Weiping (Garrad Hassan – China Country Manager and Business Development), James Liang (AES Corporation – Wind Energy Business Development Manager)

Feb 17: “美国能源部在中国:一个充满着变化与希望的时代 (U.S. Department of Energy in China: A time of Transition and Hope)” by Dr. Marco Di Capua, Executive Director of the U.S. Department of Energy China Office, and U.S. Embassy in Beijing

Jan 21: “”中国的水资源:保障可持续发展的未来” “(China’s Water Resources: Ensuring a Sustainable Future) by Christine Boyle–”Understanding Northern China’s Water Crisis” (presentation materials available here) and Yusha Hu–”Water Quality and Urban Wastewater Management in China” (presentation materials available here).

Jan 14: “柿子检软的吃:提高中国终端用户的用电效率 (Picking The Low Hanging Fruit: Promoting End Use Energy Efficiency in China) by Dr. Li Yuqi, Director & Chief Engineer of the Demand Side Management (DSM) Technical Center, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Beijing.


Dec 17: “中国的绿色建筑设计–发展整个系统的方法” (Green Building Design in China: Developing Whole Systems Approaches)” by Geoff Lewis, Fulbright Scholar at Tsinghua University and author of China Green Buildings blog.  Presentation slides available here.

Dec 10: “Solar’s Supply Chain Advantage” by Julian Wong and “China’s Solar Photovoltaic Policy and the Road Ahead” by Julia Wu, solar analyst at New Energy Finance.  Julian’s publication available here; Julia’s presentation slides available here.

Nov 19:  “China Carbon Perspectives” with Ian McInnes, Head of AED China Climate Solutions (speaking on Ventilation Air Methane) and Sustainable John Romankiewicz, analyst at New Carbon Finance (giving an overview of China’s carbon markets); “Building a Smart Grid” by ML Chan, Executive Director of JUCCCE Smart Grid Initiative.

Oct 29: “International Collaboration in Low Carbon Innovation” by Dr. David Tyfield, Lancaster University.  Full transcript available here.

Oct 22: “Debunking the Myths of China’s Coal Industry” by Julian Wong.  Background material available here.

Oct 9: “Rural Biogas Stoves” by Jimmy Tran, China Association for Rural Energy Industries (CAREI) and PhD candidate at University of California, Berkeley College of Natural Resources.

Comments (18)

Comments (18)

  1. Gabe May.4.2009@9:02 pm Reply

    Quick question about the next event – is it on the May 5th (Tuesday) or May 6th (Wednesday). I would love to stop by, but the posted dates are not quite right. Thanks!

  2. Julian May.4.2009@9:41 pm Reply

    Hey Gabe, thanks for pointing out the typo. It should be May 5th, Tuesday!

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